The Table of Europe
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 5x 100 x 80 cm.

Freedom of spirit and faith, legal protection, and Jewish-Christian norms and values, these are the three pillars of the European Identity.

The Table of Europe, is also Europe!

In the style of still lifes, that are so anchored in the Dutch culture, I place on the table the things that mean the most to me. Man and nature are condemned to each other. We manipulate, control and use. I would like welfare law to apply to all living things. That guide-lines come which will give protection to animals. That bio-industry and the use of laboratory animals will be banished to the past. That people and animals will be treated with respect. That the guide-lines will be adopted against discrimination That the pillars that make up the European identity for all those beings living in the EU will determine over a wider front and enjoy freedom and the possibilities that this brings.

In a reaction to injustice, I paint what is vulnerable. These thoughts are central.

Dutch pride
Paper and walnut-ink
220x85 cm.

Paper and walnut-ink
220x85 cm.
To me the European Union is just like a piece of honeycomb. This sweet honey has a great power of attraction on the many, with the hope of a better and freer life in their hearts.
Through this piece of work I want to be like an apiarist collecting nectar, except in this honeycomb it is the wishes of the visitors that will be collected. The Netherlands is well known for its culture of discussion. Also here, every visitor will have the opportunity of making his wish known by putting it in the honeycomb. At the end of the exhibition all these wishes will be sent to the European Union.
The bees are threatening to become extinct. Hopefully, this will not transfer to Europe.

Dutch pride(detail)
Paper and walnut-ink
220x85 cm.

Visitors expressed their wishes and put them in the honeycomb
affiche Arenas de San Pedro Spanje
affiche Urbania en Peglio
The circle of life (2013)
paper and walnut-ink

Door mijn werk Dutch Pride voor de tentoonstelling "Europese Identiteit", ben ik meer en meer geïnteresseerd geraakt in het bijenleven.Tevens is het een actueel onderwerp. De bijen vormen een essentieel onderdeel in het levensproces.