Academy for the Arts ‘Gerrit Rietveld’, painting, Amsterdam
Academy for the Arts, design, painting and ceramics/teaching qualification 1
e degree
University Utrecht, Art History: Modern Art and Contemporary Art (Master of Art)

Solo: ( a selection)
1995 Manor Kernhem, ‘India in Imaginary Images’, Ede, The Netherlands
1996 Gallery Amis des Arts, Aix-en-Provence, France
1999 Gallery de Valk, Harlingen, The Netherlands
2013 Gallery P'Arts, Zeist, The Netherlands
2014 Gallery P'Arts, Zeist, The Netherlands
2016 Galerie De Ouverture, Cadzand-Bad, The Netherlands
2017 Manor Kernhem, Ede ,The Netherlands
2019 Open Studio/ Portes ouvertes, Morey, Bourgogne Franche Comté, Frankrijk

Group: (a selection)
2000 Pithanga Art Gallery Indo-Dutch Art Exhibition", Auroville, India
2000 Gallery de Valk/Gemeentemuseum Het Hannemahuis, ‘Simmerbeelden in
Harlingen, Harlingen’, The Netherlands
2001 Gallery de Valk and Poptaslot ‘Images in the summer’, Harlingen and Marssum
2002 Eusebiuskerk Gelderland ‘Land of the Arts’ Arnhem, The Netherlands
2002 Arthouse 13 ‘Landscape’, Velp, The Netherlands
2008 Gallery Groll, ‘Ladies First’, Naarden. The Netherlands
2010 Inselgalerie, Berlin, ‘Eigenwelt als Gegenwelt’ Germany
2011 Inselgallery and European Womanacademie, ‘European Identity’, Berlin,
2011 Central Museum Of Textiles, White Factory idem, Lodz, Poland
2011 Palacio de la Mosquera, idem, Arenas de San Pedro, Spain
2011 Palazo Ducale idem, Urbania, Italy
2011 Broadway Gallery, International Artists At Home & Abroad exhibition’, NYC
2011 Whitney Gallery, International Fine Art, Invitation to exhibit, New York City
2013 ‘Art Nocturne Knocke’, Knokke, Belgium
2015 ‘Teresa de Avila, Mistica y Transgresora’, Palacio de Pimentel, Valladolid, Spain
2015 Inselgallery, Idem, Berlin, Germany
2015 Willner Brewery ‘Participation, Female Artists for a an other world, Berlin
2016 The Art Cellar, Haarlem, The Netherlands
2016 Gallery De Ouverture, Cadzand, The Netherlands
2017 Junushof, Art Wageningen, Wageningen, The Netherlands
2018 The Colourfield Performance, Sloten, Friesland, The Netherlands

Art leasing centres, businesses and individuals in The Netherlands. Also: in France, Switzerland, Sweden, USA and South-Africa

Multiple studytrips, among others, to:
France, Italy, Spain, Greece, India, Nepal and the USA.
1995 South-India: Artist in Residence

Peripheral activities (a selection):
1996 Curator for the Exhibition ‘Myths and Traces’ Manor Kernhem and Park, Ede
2008 Geastcurator for the Exhibition ‘Paradox’ at Poptaslot, Makkum, Friesland
2009/08/07 Workshop drawing/painting combined with lectures at Medler Castle.